Iron and Steel / Hot metal treatment



We are the first startup company in the field of Research and Development in Iron and Steel making in India under the new Make in India Program.

Our aim is to encourage true inventors in this field to commercialize their innovation for the benefit of industry and mankind.

We supply the following two innovative solutions to the Iron and Steel Industries:
Hot metal desiliconization in Blast Furnace or COREX cast house either in Runner or in Ladle.

Hot metal desiliconization in Blast Furnace or COREX cast house either in Runner or in Ladle.

Everybody knows that low hot metal silicon is ideal for steel making. With bigger blast furnaces and improved process control, Indian primary steel makers have come a long way from the yesteryears and the average hot metal silicon is now in the range of 0.5-0.7%. Occasionally, Steelmaking departments gets silicon as low as 0.3% also. However, this does not happen on a consistent basis. To optimize the steel making process, the SMS should get consistency in hot metal quality.
As a result of cost optimization, the quality of raw materials to the Blast Furnace isdeteriorating day by day, and Blast furnace operators forced to operate at a safer hot metal chemistry and thermal reserve in the furnace. Hence, external USER-FRIENDLY desiliconization is the solution.
The conventional practice of oxygen blowing is as good as separate steel making process itself and the addition of mill scales, iron ore or sinter fines is not very effective in metal runners.

Here comes Nellikuru Process, which is under Patent.
We can reduce hot metal silicon in Blast Furnace main runner and in Hot metal ladles.
Yield Improvement by Hot Metal Insulation Compound.

Yield Improvement by Hot Metal Insulation Compound.

Iron makers across the world are still using Ladle Covering Compounds which is added into the metal surface after filling the ladle or after closing the cast. By the time metal is filled in the ladle, we considerably lost the temperature as a result of turbulenceon the metal surface and encountered sufficient oxidation and started metal jamming.

We have developed a Hot Metal Insulation compound, which starts insulating the metal from the moment it is being taken into the ladle. Our reagent is added at the bottom of the ladle just before taking the metal. The moment, it comes in contact with liquid metal, an insulation layer forms over the metal and floats along with the metal and stays intact, till the metal is poured out of the ladle.


The benefits are many, such as:

1. It reduces the ‘KISH’ formation, which is a mix of fine metallic iron particles with graphite and other foreign particles such as sand carried along with metal from the runners and the insoluble leftovers of conventional ladle covering compounds.
2. It reduces drop in temperature.
3. It almost eliminates the fugitive emissions from the ladle. It directly improves the metal yield as well by retaining a part of Carbon dissolved in the metal, as a result of drop in temperature.
4. It improves the ladle refractory life by minimizing the spitting action of metal particles in ladle joints.
5. No bottom jams.
6. No ring (metal) jams on top of the metal.